Our Quality Service team provide the following with each visit;

Standard Cleaning – All Rooms (Living & Dining Rooms, Offices, Play Rm. Family Rm.):
Picture frames, Knickknacks, Ceiling fans, Lamps, Furniture, Woodwork, Shelves, Baseboards, Blinds, Vents, Ceiling corners – Dusted and wiped (where applicable.

Floors (carpet) – vacuum
Floors (wood) – mopped

Bed Room
Beds – made and changed where new sheets are provided
Furniture – dusted and polished (where applicable)

Floors (carpet) – vacuum
Floors (wood) – mopped

Vacuum carpets
Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions
Wastebaskets and ashtrays – emptied and clean

Standard Kitchen Cleaning:
Appliances – surface wiped down
Counters – surface wiped down
Cabinets – surface wiped down
Table and chairs – surface wiped down
Range top – – surface wiped down
Refrigerator – surface wiped down
Microwave (inside and out) – cleaned and sanitized
Sinks, Countertops, Backsplashes – cleaned and sanitized

Floors – mopped

Standard Bathroom Cleaning:
Bath tub, Shower, Sinks, Toilet, – Scrubbed, Cleaned and Sanitized
Mirrors Tile Walls – wiped down

Additional Cleaning (Optional) All detailed cleaning will be specified on estimate/job sheet
Includes one or more of the following:
(Wipe Down) Wet Clean Baseboards, Wet Clean Window base and trim, Clean inside Appliances, and Inside Cabinets

NOTE: Certain stains may be visible after clean and requires painting or other. We are not responsible for breakage of items not placed or mounted properly. We are also not liable for damage caused due worn-out blinds or other such house hold items